The Logo Design Process

A successful and memorable logo is the result of a thoughtful and creative process involving careful listening, research, ideas generation and development of concepts, feedback and revisions. Here is an overview of the stages I go through when creating an identity to ensure I capture the essence of your business in a powerful visual identity.

Getting Started

After our initial telephone conversation or contact through e-mail in which you talk to me about your needs, I will send you a logo design worksheet form (PDF) in order to get all the information I need to put together the design brief.

The Brief

Based on the answers to the questionnaire, I will write a brief which details your intentions and sets your goals. The brief is a very important document to draft before staring a project, for you, because it clearly states what you are wanting to achieve, and for me, as a point of reference to keep focused throughout the design process and target your needs.


Once we are both in full understanding on what you need to achieve, I will look at your business in more detail and also into your competitors to get a feel for the market. I will have a look at graphic representations used to convey messages in your field. This visual research aids creativity and is crucial to understand the “language” related to your business and create a logo that will be distinctive and will make you stand out from the crowd.

Sketching & Conceptualisation

I start the ideas generation process with pen and paper. Sketching allows exploration of ideas and directions and is the basis for creating a strong concept for a memorable and successful logo.

Digital Implementation

From the conceptualisation stage, I choose 2 or 3 of the strongest concepts to further develop them by bringing them into the computer. When designing a logo, I generally use Adobe Illustrator which uses vector lines and shapes which are fully scalable without loss of quality.

In the first instances of the development I work without colour to concentrate on creating a simple, clean and strong concept. Once I arrive to a powerful visual form I experiment with colour and typefaces to see which combinations best match your business personality and message.

Presentation of logo design proposals

At this stage I will share with you mood boards with ideas generation, sketch boards showing the origins of concepts and digital implementation of 2 or 3 logo proposals. This can be done by e-mail or in person, whichever suits you best.

Revisions and Adjustments

Following your initial feedback from the presentation of design proposals, I will work on necessary adjustments and prepare a revised version. I generally include one revision when giving you an estimate of the costing of the logo design as, in most cases, this is enough to get closer to the final design, but of course I will carry out any further adjustments if necessary to arrive to a logo you are truly pleased with.

Your Logo: final version

I will prepare the final version of your logo following your feedback on the revised version. If we are working on rebranding, I will prepare mock-ups with the logo implemented on different media such as your existing website or stationery so that you can visualise your new identity in context.

Artwork Supply

I will supply the artwork in a variety of formats which allow you to use your logo in high-quality print, office printing and digitally. I will send the files via e-mail or made them available to download and also provide you with a CD with the finished files.

The encapsulated Post Script file (EPS) is a vector format which allows scaling up or down of your logo without loss of quality. This is the format you need when implementing the logo on materials professionally printed,

These are the preferred file formats for web use together with GIF. Due to their smaller file size they load faster and still look “sharp” on a computer monitor. They are not scalable to a larger size as they loose definition.

Or Tagged Image file format, of higher quality than JPG or PNG. Suitable for standard office printing and even high quality print but cannot be resized larger than delivered.

I will supply the logo in full colour CMYK colour profile for print and RGB for the web formats, and also reversed-out versions ( black & white) of all formats.