Logo Design & Brand Identity

“Not Just a Pretty Face”

A strong brand is of prime importance to any business and it is firmly supported by its visual identity.

The brand identity is made up of a conjunction of visual devices including the logo, stationery, marketing collateral ( brochures, flyers, websites etc.) products and packaging, apparel design, signage and all sensory elements that are part of the brand. A robust brand have these visual elements assembled following a set of brand guidelines which state how the identity is applied throughout a variety of mediums to ensure the identity is kept coherent and recognisable.

Logos are the heart of a company’s identity and instrumental in creating brand image. A good logo should be simple, allowing easy recognition which makes it memorable. It should also be adaptable to work on a varierty of media and should express the personality of the business it is representing.

If you are looking into making a good investment into your business to contribute to its visibility and credibility, please contact me and I will be delighted to help you create a logo which is not only visually appealing, but unique and thoughtfully designed to help raise awareness of your business and pushing it forward.

Rebranding: Improving your Business Image

Whether you are after a change of image for your business because you started with a DIY logo and stationery or because your logo somehow became dated or you feel it fails to communicate your company’s essence, I can help in bringing an expressive, fresh and professional look to improve your business identity.

I will carefully analyse your business and competitors, identifying your business strengths and uniqueness and translate them into a professional logo and visual identity.

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